Straight From The Hoo

The first question I am asked is who are you Hoo? Well, Hoo Owl is my name and educating is my game. Learning, teaching and doing has been in the Hoo Owl Family for years. Not only do we learn and teach others, we do!

We take what we learn and build, grow, farm, design, engineer, research and make the world a better place for everyone! Besides teaching, I have lots of hobbies and friends to play with. And sometimes, I just like slowing down, flying to the beach for the weekend and working on my tan. Hoo… Hoo…, I really like laying out in the sun! It’s a great way to destress.

My Story

As a young owl, fresh into Hoo School, I take great pride at being feather and beak at the top of my class. I work very hard, stay up late doing homework and studying. It always pays off when I get my report card, straight A+’s. Also, I’m kind of competitive when it comes to sports at Hoo School.

I play soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, golf, swim and fly track. Hoooo Weeee it keeps my busy but leaves no time hardly for music and martial arts (I just got my white belt; getting started), Uhhg… I love it though. And, I am on the academic team. Seems like I have no time for a social life. However, at school, I’ve made a special friend, She Owl .

Well, that’s about all for me now, I will introduce you to some of my other friends and family later. We’ll learn and grow together!!

Hoo… Hoo…